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Learn About Contagious Encouragement with Phillip Hatfield

Learn About Contagious Encouragement with Phillip Hatfield – Bonus ZLV Episode

Contagious Encouragement_final Book CoverToday is the start of a series of Bonus Episodes where I get to interview Phillip Hatfield about his NEW book called “Contagious Encouragement”

Phillip is a Successful Businessman and he speaks to businesses and Organizations all around the World. Phillip is a certified Zig Ziglar Keynote Speaker, with a message of Transformation and Hope.

Phillip says, “I’ve learned that our greatest tragedies can be our greatest blessing.” He’s walking proof that, no matter what, life holds great promise and anyone can achieve greatness. Zig Ziglar would agree. .

Phillip’s New Book is called Contagious Encouragement.  Join me now in this first Bonus Session with Phillip. We are in studio and will get to know him and his story and what prompted him to write this new book.

There are several more conversations I had with Phillip where we dive into the details around the philosophy of his new book. I will release them as Bonus episodes over the next few weeks. Phillip’s book Contagious Encouragement will be available shortly on his Website-   PhillipHatfield.com and on Amazon.com

I will wrap up this episode like I have done in the past. First of all Thank You for your support in making the Ziglar Legacy Voices Podcast a success, you can continue to help others find this great content by going over to iTunes and giving us a great rating and writing a quick comment about the show. This helps others discover the ZLV podcast. Would you do that today?

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