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Become a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer

Certified Ziglar Trainer badge v4
Ever think of helping people? Want a life changing event in your life?
The Ziglar Legacy Certification Training is specifically designed for
high integrity professionals committed in training others to Be, Do, and Have
more of everything that life has to offer.
Are you a speaker, trainer, coach, or consultant?
Become Certified and Authorized to Train and Present Zig Ziglar’s Most Powerful Presentations and Methodologies.
Upon successful completion of the program you will be authorized, certified, and equipped to deliver the following presentations:

You will also be equipped to provide training programs with group activities with ready-to-use Ziglar branded Legacy PowerPoints, workbooks, and support materials provided to you through a print on demand service helping you develop your customers and team members.

In addition, you will become an authorized reseller of Ziglar, Inc., materials and will be able to purchase materials at wholesale prices.

Greetings from Mike

me with wall and pumpGreetings, My name is Mike Koehler, I am a Certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer who is looking to help you improve your results. I can provide training using the time tested concepts taught by the great Zig Ziglar in various formats.  I can also provide custom training programs and  personal coaching. My vast experience allows me to address subjects like goals, personal development, relationships, sales performance, and marketing.

This webpage has been created to provide information, education, and motivation to anyone who would like to increase the results they are getting in their life. The postings will come from a variety of sources but will always be positive and insightful.

“You can have anything you want in your life if you will help enough other people get what they want”        Zig Ziglar