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Grow My Social Impact With Jacob Salem

Bonus Episode 2 – Grow My Social Impact With Jacob Salem

JacobZLCGood Day Podcast Listeners ! Another bonus episode of the ZLV Podcast. Today I sit down in studio with Jacob Salem the CEO of Grow My Social Impact. Join us in this quick episode as we discuss what NOT to do and what TO do within your Social Media Strategy.  Don’t have a strategy yet, well that’s why you have to listen to Jacob. I’m not going to give away all his secrets , you’ll have to listen . Discover why just because it’s Free it’s not easy and if you’re diving into social for your business you have to do it right. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the systems when experts like Jacob can help you make Social Media part of your Marketing Mix.

Jacob is a friend and fellow Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer as well as the CEO of Grow Your Social Impact ( by the way, I love the name of the company because it speaks to Impact! and Action) Reach out for help from Jacob via email   Jacob@gmsillc.com or by phone 810-955-9804 .  Jacob’s team are the behind the scenes group for some of the largest growing Facebook communities, you will recognize some of his clients. Proven results with evidence based solutions, not the latest fads.

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