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Sales Scripts By Eric Lofholm

sales_scriptsSales Scripts are one of the most powerful ways to persuade and influence your prospects. Sales scripts can help transform you into a Master of Persuasion and Influence, only if you know the secrets.

Secret 1: Baseline Script
You must be able to answer these three questions to begin unlocking the true potential of your script:
* What is a baseline sales script?
* What is your baseline script?
* What did your script look like and sound like when you first used it?

What is your baseline sales script?

A baseline script is a script you are using right now in your selling. The baseline sales script is a starting point from which you develop your main script. If you have not recorded your script and written it down word-for-word, you can’t improve the script. It’s that simple. Set a goal, right now, to record your script.

Sales pros consistently close sale after sale. Why? Sales pros have consistently improved their script over time, but every sales pros started with a written baseline sales script.

Sales scripts are living documents. You are always looking for ways to field-test your script to make it better. Every time you make changes to your written script, write the date down, which gives you time-series data to work with. Sales pros are always looking for ways to improve their scripts and you should too.

Secret 2: Scripting Syntax
Don’t let the term “scripting syntax” scare you. Scripting has its own language. “Scripting syntax” refers to the various component parts of the script and the rules governing script construction.
1. Identify the various component parts of the script.
2. Learn how these scripting pieces are used.
3. Now you can craft a Master Script of persuasion and influence.

What are the various component parts of scripts?
Many of you are familiar with “Objections.”  Objections are a normal component of a sales script. Here are just a few of the various component parts of sales scripts:

* Four (4) types of stories,
* Five (5) different types of benefits,
* Buyer Fingerprint,
* Nine (9) components of the Close (I’ll cover this in Script Secret #6)
* Outcomes and Chunks,
* Contrast,
* Testimonials,
* Probing Questions and Probing Statements.

The above list is not exhaustive, and there are many more script components to cover than we have space for.

Understanding the different types of scripting forms and how they are used makes the difference between an average script and a Master Script for persuasion and influence.

Eric’s Training link

Secrets of Closing the Sale | Ziglar


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Zig shares tips and techniques from his vast wealth of sales experience. His insights will prove to you over and over why this is the definitive how to sales program. This powerful series of timeless sales messages will help you close more sales today as you build a career for tomorrow! Whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or just now beginning your first sales position, Secrets Of Closing The Sale provides you with practical advice and effective questioning techniques that you can use to transform prospects into clients. Learn step by step over 100 specific closes and over 700 questions that lead the prospect to the decision table.

24 Powerful Sales Messages

  1. A Career in Selling
  2. Questions Are The Answer
  3. ABC’s of Closing
  4. Successful Sales Support
  5. Professional Persuasion and Common Sense Selling … the basics
  6. Professional Persuasion and Common Sense Selling … beyond the basics
  7. Buyer-Based Closing Techniques
  8. Voice Training for Effective Presentations
  9. Honesty and Empathy for Sales Success … the basics
  10. Honesty and Empathy for Sales Success … beyond the basics
  11. Empathy, Sympathy and Self-image In Selling
  12. Selling? The Proud Profession
  13. Learning Techniques From a Sales Pro … the basics
  14. Learning Techniques From a Sales Pro … beyond the basics
  15. Everybody Sells Something … what do you really sell?
  16. Everybody Sells Something … Dramatizing Sales Procedures
  17. Using Word Pictures To Sell … the basics
  18. Using Word Pictures To Sell … beyond the basics
  19. Objections: A Salesman’s Best Friend… the basics
  20. Objections: A Salesman’s Best Friend … beyond the basics
  21. Asking Questions To Close The Sale … the basics
  22. Asking Questions To Close The Sale … Emotional Logic In Closing
  23. Positive Projection For Closing More Sales
  24. Critical Keys In Closing

Audio Details:

Length: 12 CD set

Copyright: 1998 Zig Ziglar

ISBN#: 1562077112 (CD Series)