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Learn About Contagious Encouragement with Phillip Hatfield

Learn About Contagious Encouragement with Phillip Hatfield – Bonus ZLV Episode

Contagious Encouragement_final Book CoverToday is the start of a series of Bonus Episodes where I get to interview Phillip Hatfield about his NEW book called “Contagious Encouragement”

Phillip is a Successful Businessman and he speaks to businesses and Organizations all around the World. Phillip is a certified Zig Ziglar Keynote Speaker, with a message of Transformation and Hope.

Phillip says, “I’ve learned that our greatest tragedies can be our greatest blessing.” He’s walking proof that, no matter what, life holds great promise and anyone can achieve greatness. Zig Ziglar would agree. .

Phillip’s New Book is called Contagious Encouragement.  Join me now in this first Bonus Session with Phillip. We are in studio and will get to know him and his story and what prompted him to write this new book.

There are several more conversations I had with Phillip where we dive into the details around the philosophy of his new book. I will release them as Bonus episodes over the next few weeks. Phillip’s book Contagious Encouragement will be available shortly on his Website-   PhillipHatfield.com and on Amazon.com

I will wrap up this episode like I have done in the past. First of all Thank You for your support in making the Ziglar Legacy Voices Podcast a success, you can continue to help others find this great content by going over to iTunes and giving us a great rating and writing a quick comment about the show. This helps others discover the ZLV podcast. Would you do that today?

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Tracy Day Talks about Goal Setting and the Importance of Telling your Story

Tracy Day Talks about Goal Setting and the Importance of Telling your Story- ZLV Episode 20

TracyDay-DTMDM4-1Tracy is a Motivational and Keynote Speaker with a great story to tell. Join me today as we discuss goal setting in business and personal life. Tracy tells us what he does when he is having one of those “Character Building Days”, that we all have from time to time.

Discover how Zig Ziglar and others planted the seeds with a message of hope for a child born addicted. Learn the importance of automobile university and its effect on your success and attitude. Tracy has the skill of making people feel good about themselves. This is critical as he travels the country speaking  and teaching in the Universty setting and in the Corporate world.

Tracy touches on his unique story of being adopted and challenges all of us, including me, to write/tell our story.  As a contributing author to several books already, Tracy is writing his own story to share with the world. Tracy can be reached at ziglarcertified.com/tracyday and Facebook at Facebook.com/tracydaymotivation      Reach out to him today to talk about how he can help your organization.

Tracy is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer and if your interested in how you can become one,  Please go HERE. No obligation, no creepy sales pitch just an honest conversation of what this means for you.

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Zig Ziglar - Character

 The dictionary says that a “problem” is a question, especially a difficult question; a matter of doubt or difficulty.  As I read the definition of “problem,” I’m certain the dictionary, as far as identification is concerned, is correct.  However, I much prefer to think of a problem as an opportunity.  Obviously, this is not true in 100% of the cases, but the reality is, most opportunities would not come if there were no problems.

If there were no desire or need to communicate with someone else, there would be no telephones or Internet communications systems today and millions of people would not have jobs.  If there were no need or desire to visit our distant friends and relatives, there would be no need for highways, service stations, automobiles, manufacturing plants and, consequently, millions more jobs would not be necessary.  Even in the case of illness and disease, were there none, millions of health care workers would not have jobs.  Perhaps of more significance, if those diseases and illnesses did not exist, there would be no research and development, which goes on constantly as man continues to search for solutions to problems.  If all of us were born knowing everything we needed to know, the millions of books and educators which teach people to read would have no purpose or profession.  From a personal point of view,if there were no need for training, motivation and encouragement, I would be in another profession.

What I’m saying is that if we will look at whatever problem we have, or someone else has, and ask ourselves what opportunity the problem offers, we will have a better chance of solving our problem and perhaps making a career out of solving other people’s problems.  I believe Benjamin Franklin would have called that “self-reliance,” and that is certainly something we need more of today.  Think about it.  Look at every problem as an opportunity and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.

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How to be an Ambassador of Hope in the Marketplace – Jacob Salem

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