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James McLamb Talks About Building People First

James McLamb Talks About Building People First- ZLV Episode 21

JamesMcLambHeadshotJames is a small business owner who understands the importance of building people up. Once a school teacher he transitioned, several years ago,  to lead his family business to the next level. Join us today as James reveals some of the challenges of a family owned business.  As a business coach James explores the #1 thing  all small businesses should STOP doing.

James speaks and teaches  to groups across the region and coaches fellow ZLC’ers in the “Fast Start” program . This program is available to certified trainers who want to hit the ground running and make an impact with their Ziglar training.

James was part of the first class of Ziglar Certified Trainers, now he is taking his experience and helping others.  James can be reached at JamesMclamb.com .

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