Memory is Important by Zig Ziglar

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Memory is Important

Zig Ziglar - Memory is Important
When someone wonders if I remember such-and-such an event or so-and-so, if the answer is “no” one of my favorite responses is to smile and acknowledge that no, I don’t.  Then I explain that I have a brilliant memory – it’s just awfully short.

The truth is, memory is the key to many things.  If we don’t remember things, we are hopelessly lost and are placed in a confinement of sorts.  However, for anyone reading this column, there are some things you can do effective immediately that will improve your memory substantially.  Douglas Hermann, Ph.D., in his book, Super Memory, points out that practice alone can improve “global” memory and substantially boost retrieval ability in certain areas of life.  He says when you practice specific memory tasks, you can produce spectacular results.  

Dr. Hermann says that most people who attempt to learn a long string of numbers which are read to them normally will remember about seven of the numbers correctly.  However, he says that after practicing for several months, many people can remember forty, fifty, sixty or even as many as eighty numbers in a string.  The only problem is that it does require some work and a commitment to the objective.    

Dr. Hermann points out that most people normally can recall about a third of what they know.  However, after a month of daily practicing to recall specific bits of information, they can dramatically improve, whether it’s remembering a geographical location, an historical fact, or a personal event which took place many years earlier.  This proves that if we do have a “poor memory,” it’s probably caused by an untrained or lazy memory.  Work on that memory.  You’ll have more fun, be more effective, more productive, and happier in the process, which means I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP – with a much-improved memory!  

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily. 

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Edwin Britt and Laurie Magers Sit Down and Speak with John

Edwin Britt and Laurie Magers Sit Down and Speak with John ZLV Episode 22

ZLV EP 22 MontageToday’s episode is special and a bit different; today I interview 2 individuals impacted by Zig Ziglar in fact both of them worked with Zig. First we hear from Edwin Britt a recent graduate of the Ziglar Legacy Certification Program. Edwin is a Speaker, Trainer and Financial Planner with over 25 years of applying Ziglar principles. Edwin came to certification with high expectations and the program well exceed his expectations.  Edwin explains how resources, material, wisdom and the people  stood out for him at the ZLC training. He describes himself as a ” Product of the Product”. Edwin would be happy to tell you more about his experience. Phone direct at 910-367-3733   or

Next we hear from someone who does not do many interviews, but I am sure if your listened to Mr. Ziglar in the past you were sure to hear about her. Laurie Magers, Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar for over 35 Years joins me in the studio to talk about the “behind the scenes” of working for Mr. Ziglar. You are going to enjoy hearing this exclusive content.  Laurie can be reached at Ziglar Inc.  Phone direct at 469-326-7521  or

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James McLamb Talks About Building People First

James McLamb Talks About Building People First- ZLV Episode 21

JamesMcLambHeadshotJames is a small business owner who understands the importance of building people up. Once a school teacher he transitioned, several years ago,  to lead his family business to the next level. Join us today as James reveals some of the challenges of a family owned business.  As a business coach James explores the #1 thing  all small businesses should STOP doing.

James speaks and teaches  to groups across the region and coaches fellow ZLC’ers in the “Fast Start” program . This program is available to certified trainers who want to hit the ground running and make an impact with their Ziglar training.

James was part of the first class of Ziglar Certified Trainers, now he is taking his experience and helping others.  James can be reached at .

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Grow My Social Impact With Jacob Salem

Bonus Episode 2 – Grow My Social Impact With Jacob Salem

JacobZLCGood Day Podcast Listeners ! Another bonus episode of the ZLV Podcast. Today I sit down in studio with Jacob Salem the CEO of Grow My Social Impact. Join us in this quick episode as we discuss what NOT to do and what TO do within your Social Media Strategy.  Don’t have a strategy yet, well that’s why you have to listen to Jacob. I’m not going to give away all his secrets , you’ll have to listen . Discover why just because it’s Free it’s not easy and if you’re diving into social for your business you have to do it right. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out the systems when experts like Jacob can help you make Social Media part of your Marketing Mix.

Jacob is a friend and fellow Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer as well as the CEO of Grow Your Social Impact ( by the way, I love the name of the company because it speaks to Impact! and Action) Reach out for help from Jacob via email or by phone 810-955-9804 .  Jacob’s team are the behind the scenes group for some of the largest growing Facebook communities, you will recognize some of his clients. Proven results with evidence based solutions, not the latest fads.

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Tracy Day Talks about Goal Setting and the Importance of Telling your Story

Tracy Day Talks about Goal Setting and the Importance of Telling your Story- ZLV Episode 20

TracyDay-DTMDM4-1Tracy is a Motivational and Keynote Speaker with a great story to tell. Join me today as we discuss goal setting in business and personal life. Tracy tells us what he does when he is having one of those “Character Building Days”, that we all have from time to time.

Discover how Zig Ziglar and others planted the seeds with a message of hope for a child born addicted. Learn the importance of automobile university and its effect on your success and attitude. Tracy has the skill of making people feel good about themselves. This is critical as he travels the country speaking  and teaching in the Universty setting and in the Corporate world.

Tracy touches on his unique story of being adopted and challenges all of us, including me, to write/tell our story.  As a contributing author to several books already, Tracy is writing his own story to share with the world. Tracy can be reached at and Facebook at      Reach out to him today to talk about how he can help your organization.

Tracy is a Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer and if your interested in how you can become one,  Please go HERE. No obligation, no creepy sales pitch just an honest conversation of what this means for you.

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Zig Ziglar - Character

 The dictionary says that a “problem” is a question, especially a difficult question; a matter of doubt or difficulty.  As I read the definition of “problem,” I’m certain the dictionary, as far as identification is concerned, is correct.  However, I much prefer to think of a problem as an opportunity.  Obviously, this is not true in 100% of the cases, but the reality is, most opportunities would not come if there were no problems.

If there were no desire or need to communicate with someone else, there would be no telephones or Internet communications systems today and millions of people would not have jobs.  If there were no need or desire to visit our distant friends and relatives, there would be no need for highways, service stations, automobiles, manufacturing plants and, consequently, millions more jobs would not be necessary.  Even in the case of illness and disease, were there none, millions of health care workers would not have jobs.  Perhaps of more significance, if those diseases and illnesses did not exist, there would be no research and development, which goes on constantly as man continues to search for solutions to problems.  If all of us were born knowing everything we needed to know, the millions of books and educators which teach people to read would have no purpose or profession.  From a personal point of view,if there were no need for training, motivation and encouragement, I would be in another profession.

What I’m saying is that if we will look at whatever problem we have, or someone else has, and ask ourselves what opportunity the problem offers, we will have a better chance of solving our problem and perhaps making a career out of solving other people’s problems.  I believe Benjamin Franklin would have called that “self-reliance,” and that is certainly something we need more of today.  Think about it.  Look at every problem as an opportunity and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.

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Richard Morris Teaches Police Officers and the Military “How to Stay Alive” – ZLV Episode 19

Richard Morris Teaches Police Officers and the Military “How to Stay Alive” – ZLV Episode 19

RMM Kneeling 10th BlackRichard is an incredible man. From making movies with his production company, to  being a Gang Intelligence Expert while training Police and Military on fighting techniques , Richard’s mission  is to keep law enforcement alive.  Join me today on the podcast as we discover the new books Richard is writing, some co-written with a Pulitzer nominated author. A tenth degree Master in 3 systems of Martial Arts, Richard’s perspective on Combat and Fighting is fascinating. Richard travels the world teaching his techniques , with his .  Our discussion uncovers how a life of discipline and hard work serving in stressful situations can be navigated using timeless principles presented by Zig Ziglar.  Richard had the honor of Training Zig and other Ziglar family members in Martial Arts.

As a retired Sergeant in the Fort Work Police Department, Richard can now, full time,  take his unique brand of training the Body , Mind and Spirt to your organization.  To connect with Richard send him an email at  

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Essential Presentation Skills

Ziglar essential presentation

Essential Presentation Skills

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At Ziglar, we believe the skill to do comes from the doing.

During this workshop you will practice delivering presentations in a non-threatening ,

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At the conclusion of this training, partcipants are able to:

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Take the attention off self and focus the attention on the audience

Implement the 4-step process of conducting a Q & A Session

Have the confidence so the butterflies are flying in formation!

Your ability to present your ideas in a poised and

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Zig Ziglar - Character


The title of this blog might seem a little strange and some readers will undoubtedly think to themselves, “That simply is not true.  Those are things which are extremely valuable and cannot be bought at any price.”

I beg to differ as I look at some of the words of George Matthew Adams.  He said that “we always buy our friends.  Not in any material sense, but we pay in pleasantness, sincerity, warmth of heart or an inspiring personality. These are things which are not matched in mere money measure.  They’re the quality of people, something of finer design and workmanship than the most exquisite spun wool or even threads of gold.”

To this I would add that we buy love by giving love.  It’s true that what we send out is what we get back.  As you sow, so also shall you reap.  Surely you’ve noticed that when you greet people with a pleasant smile and a cheery, “Good Morning!” you’re far more likely to get that back in return.  When you ignore people you’re likely to be ignored.  When you treat them in a grouchy, discourteous, unkind way, you’re far more likely to be treated in the same way.  You “buy” loyalty be being loyal; you “buy” friendship by being a friend; you “buy” hope by giving hope, etc.  As you think about it you will agree that no person is happy or has friends or love who, in the truest sense of the word, is not a giver or “seller” of the things I mention.

The bottom line is that in life you really can buy friends, happiness and love.  Give it a try and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.

Helping ordinary people get extraordinary results