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Mike Koehler Believes Great Ideas are Born out of Necessity

Mike Koehler Believes Great Ideas are Born out of Necessity- ZLV episode #13

mikekoehlerIt was my joy to interview Mike Koehler, one of the latest Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers. Join us Today as we talk Financial Services and Sales, along with NASCAR. Mike brings a perspective of an engineer along with the ethical sales techniques of a master sales person to all that he does.   Learn why he entered the world of Professional Selling after observing the sales Lifestyle from the outside. Discover how he lead his team to multi million dollar success. Gain insight into what Mike feels is the greatest challenge to small business today. Mike has been a long time Goal Setter and Goal Getter, now he brings the proven Ziglar Goal Setting program to businesses and individuals.

Imagine setting the Goal to do something ” Fun” then leaving the lucrative Financial Services Industry to go work on the NASCAR circuit. Dreams to Goals to Reality, come listen how Mike achieved all this.

Mike can be Reached at: 614-581-7701  or at and on the Web at:

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Ziglar Sell By Design Seminar

Ziglar sell by design

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Instructed by Bryan Flanagan, World-Renowned Sales Trainer

Full Day Workshop at Ziglar Headquarters, the Influence Capital

How to Sell More in Less Time

Moving from Salesperson to Sales Professional

Immerse Yourself in 100 Years of Ziglar Tried and True Sales Wisdom

How to Create Greater Value for Your Product or Service

Why Sell By Design?

Get the information you need to be more successful in your sales career.

Closing the sale

Ziglar Sell By Design Not By Chance


Session 1

Intro to P.R.O.C.E.S.S.

  • Learn some of the best sales methodologies ever created
  • Learn why it’s personal

Session 2

Time Management

  • Real tools you can use
  • Maximize your efficiency

Session 3

30-Day Action Plan

  • Leave with a firm foundation and a strategy
  • Create a tangible path to follow

Refine your focus to achieve greater sales.
In business, nothing happens until a sale is made.

Ziglar Sell By Design Not By Chance

Ziglar Sell By Design – June 18, 2015 Plano, TX

Ziglar leadership success seminar

ziglar leadership success

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1/2 Day Seminar at Ziglar Headquarters,

the Influence Capital

Instructed by Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

Discover Why 70% of Your Workforce Is NOT Engaged and How to Fix It

Understand the Number One Challenge Facing Business Today

Learn the 5 Steps of the Ziglar Secret Influence Formula

Discover the Power of Dream Alignment 

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7 Keys You Will Be Able to Apply Immediately:

  •  The Ziglar Performance Formula:  A x E x S = P
  • Why Attitude is so Important, and Why Most Businesses Get it Backwards
  • The Power of Dream Alignment
  • The Difference Between Success and Significance
  • Why Your Identity Is Your Most Powerful Leadership Attribute
  • How To Reduce Turnover and Increase Productivity
  • The True Performance Pledge

Leadership is moving your team from where they are to where you want them to be…because they want to be there out of their own desire.

If you have employees, they can be your biggest nightmare or your greatest asset. That depends on your leadership skill.

 Ziglar Leadership Success – June 17, 2015 Plano, TX

Ziglar Business Owners Boot Camp

business owner boot camp

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Section 1

BORN TO WIN Business Success System

  • Powerful exercises that will reveal exactly where your business is rignt now, so you can take it where you want it to be.

Section 2

Marketing System

  • Do you have an effective marketing plan?
  • Are you generating quality referrals?
  • Are you bringing in the quality of clients you want?
  • You will also learn a simple technique that many of our members have used to DOUBLE their sales in less than 12 months.

Section 3

Sales System

  • Learn The Ziglar Sales System
  • Learn strategies that can literally DOUBLE your PROFIT overnight!
  • Find out what we call “the most profitable sale ever made!”

Most small business owners fail to implement this strategy consistently and it is COSTING them a LOT of money (and doing their customers an injustice)!

Section 4

Operations System

  • Learn the secrets of legendary customer service during this session.
  • Do you know the PLV (Potential Lifetime Value) of one of your clients? Do you have systems in place that guarantee the most phenomenal service experience every time?

Section 5

Admininistration and Leadership System

  • Administration is tracking your results. Do you know your cost of doing business? Are you tracking your sales and profits carefully?
  • Leadership is moving your team from where they are to where you want them to be.
    If you have employees, they can be your biggest nightmare or your greatest asset. That depends on your leadership skill.
  • The toughest person to lead is always ourselves, so pick up some proven leadership strategies from some of the top experts in the world.

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Ziglar Business Owner Boot Camp: June 11-12, 2015 Plano, TX

Cheri Perry How Building a Better Marriage Leads to Building a Better Business

ZLV Podcast

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Find a Need and Fill It by Zig Ziglar

Find a Need and Fill It

Zig Ziglar - Sales
When I was in the seventh grade I was on the boxing team and later I boxed while in the Navy.  I don’t want to sound boastful, but it’s a matter of record that the worst I ever finished was second.  I finally quit boxing because of my hands—the referee kept stepping on them!  As a boxer, the coach would always instruct us in the early part of the fight to feel our opponent out, probe and discover his weakness, and then exploit that weakness.  The same basic procedure is followed in all athletic endeavors.

In the world of selling and business, a similar approach is taken but for a very different reason.  In sales, we explore by asking questions to find out where our prospect (“opponent”)  is weak, that is,  needs help of some kind.  Only then are we in position to offer our goods and services designed to “strengthen their weakness.”  To be successful, any business must provide goods or services that meet the weakness—that is, need—of the potential customers.

The oldest success advice going is, “Find a need and fill it.”  It is more true today than ever.  Not only must we find the need and fill it, but we must find more needs and fill them better.  That’s one of the prime reasons more and more businesses are maximizing their people.  Each one is crucial, from the lowest-paid member of the staff to the Chief Executive Officer.  Businesses must encourage all their employees to find the needs of their customers, whether internal or external, and fill them.  Each employee must have an attitude of responsibility for the company, its goods and services.  This enhances the company’s competitive edge, increases sales, and ensures employment for employees.

The rule today is keep your eyes open and think about solutions to problems.  Your value to your company will grow immeasurably.  Keep your eyes open and keep offering those suggestions.  Who knows?  Maybe the next one will be the magic one!  Buy that idea and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar was known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.

Veronica Sites Impacting Community One Life at a Time

ZLV Podcast

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Reward Yourself By Zig Ziglar

Reward Yourself

Zig Ziglar - Motivation

The late William Arthur “Bill” Ward was and is one of my favorite writers.  His insights and ability to put a philosophy of life into a few words were truly remarkable.  Here’s a sample from his book, Reward Yourself.

A man phoned his physician and excitedly exclaimed: “Please come at once, Doctor.  My son has swallowed my fountain pen.”

The doctor replied, “I’ll be right over.  But what are you doing in the meanwhile?”

“Using a pencil,” answered the father.

What we do “in the meanwhile” is of vital importance to our lives – and to the lives of others.  What we do with our leisure time can build our character or destroy it.  It can make our fortune or mar it.

While we wait for a traffic light to change, we can pray for our president, our nation and the world.

While we wait for an elevator we can be still and know that God is, and that He is still in charge of the universe.

While we drive or ride to work, we can affirmatively and joyously meditate on that which is true, pure, lovely, and positive.

While we wash dishes, mow the lawn or perform other tasks that require less than our complete attention, we can sing, whistle or hum the tunes of great songs and hymns that inevitably make life more beautiful for us and for our fellow man.

While we sit in the waiting room of our physician or dentist, we can thank God for dedicated professional people, and we can pray for those patients who might be anxious, fearful, despondent or in pain.

What we do with our golden “in the meanwhile” moments can enrich and inspire, encourage and uplift, bless and brighten our important corner of the world.

Those are more than words on a piece of paper – that’s a philosophy of life.  Adopt it for your own and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

Zig Ziglar is known as America’s Motivator.  He authored 33 books and produced numerous training programs.  He will be remembered as a man who lived out his faith daily.

Friends of Ziglar KickStarter

Do you have anyone in your life who inspired you? How about someone who influenced you? Now…how about someone who literally altered the trajectory of your life for the better?

I’ve been inspired by many people through the years, but there are only a few who I credit with altering my life course. Zig Ziglar is one of them. His message of hope and encouragement and his ability to help people see and expect more from themselves and their lives, was profound. He touched an estimated 250 million people.

Zig passed away two years ago, but his message endures and is actually growing in reach. Right now, a documentary is in the works to help his life and legacy reach many more people. I want to help this happen!

The foundation of Zig’s life, that he lived by and led people in, was “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

If you will, join me in supporting a KickStarter campaign where the Ziglar Team is doing what they’ve always done…involving people in something worthwhile. We can all be a part of this.

Check it out here,  and if you would, forward the event on to those you care about. Those whose lives YOU want to alter for the better. They will thank you for it. As do I.