Edwin Britt and Laurie Magers Sit Down and Speak with John

Edwin Britt and Laurie Magers Sit Down and Speak with John ZLV Episode 22

ZLV EP 22 MontageToday’s episode is special and a bit different; today I interview 2 individuals impacted by Zig Ziglar in fact both of them worked with Zig. First we hear from Edwin Britt a recent graduate of the Ziglar Legacy Certification Program. Edwin is a Speaker, Trainer and Financial Planner with over 25 years of applying Ziglar principles. Edwin came to certification with high expectations and the program well exceed his expectations.  Edwin explains how resources, material, wisdom and the people  stood out for him at the ZLC training. He describes himself as a ” Product of the Product”. Edwin would be happy to tell you more about his experience. Phone direct at 910-367-3733   or  edwinbritt@ymail.com

Next we hear from someone who does not do many interviews, but I am sure if your listened to Mr. Ziglar in the past you were sure to hear about her. Laurie Magers, Executive Assistant to Zig Ziglar for over 35 Years joins me in the studio to talk about the “behind the scenes” of working for Mr. Ziglar. You are going to enjoy hearing this exclusive content.  Laurie can be reached at Ziglar Inc.  Phone direct at 469-326-7521  or  Lmagers@ziglar.com

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