Ziglar leadership success seminar

ziglar leadership success

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1/2 Day Seminar at Ziglar Headquarters,

the Influence Capital

Instructed by Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc.

Discover Why 70% of Your Workforce Is NOT Engaged and How to Fix It

Understand the Number One Challenge Facing Business Today

Learn the 5 Steps of the Ziglar Secret Influence Formula

Discover the Power of Dream Alignment 

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7 Keys You Will Be Able to Apply Immediately:

  •  The Ziglar Performance Formula:  A x E x S = P
  • Why Attitude is so Important, and Why Most Businesses Get it Backwards
  • The Power of Dream Alignment
  • The Difference Between Success and Significance
  • Why Your Identity Is Your Most Powerful Leadership Attribute
  • How To Reduce Turnover and Increase Productivity
  • The True Performance Pledge

Leadership is moving your team from where they are to where you want them to be…because they want to be there out of their own desire.

If you have employees, they can be your biggest nightmare or your greatest asset. That depends on your leadership skill.

 Ziglar Leadership Success – June 17, 2015 Plano, TX

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